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Matthew Wellington

Board Certified Behaviour Analyst

Analysing human behaviour and applying behaviour analytic principles to influence the behaviours of customers, employees and individuals. 

Matthew Wellington

Applied Behaviour Analysis

The application of the science of learning and behaviour. Primarily used to support the reduction of challenging behaviour in children with autism or intellectual disabilities.

Behavioural Economics

The application of the science of human behaviour to everyday behaviours. This is used predominantly in marketing and social policy.

Organisational Behaviour Management

The application of the science of human behaviour to the workforce, including increasing compliance with health and safety procedures and increasing staff performance.

Internet Marketing

The process of doing business online, including presenting your offer on social media and search platforms and optimising your site and offer for people using any device.

The 4 ‘Simple’ Steps To Market Online – The Wonderful World of Internet Marketing

According to Search Engine Journal, internet marketing is "the process of promoting a business or brand and its products or services over the internet using tools that help drive traffic, leads, and sales." In essence, it's doing business online. Which in this day and...

What is Behavioural Economics?

Behavioural economics is, in essense, the analysis of decision making and the application of behavioural sciences to economic forces (e.g. consumer behaviour). It has grown in popularity in recent years with Richard Thaler being awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in...

What is Organisational Behaviour Management (OBM)?

Organisational Behaviour Management, or OBM for short, is the application of behaviour analytic principles to the world of business and organisations. Steps to implement an OBM intervention The process of an OBM consultation involves understanding what your...

What is Applied Behaviour Analysis?

Applied Behaviour Analysis, or ABA, is the application of the scientific study of human and animal behaviour. It is founded by the research of Ivan Pavlov (Classical Conditioning) and B.F. Skinner (Operant Conditioning).  Behaviour is just like a story. It has a...

What is Behavioural Science?

Behavioural science is an umbrella term for the studying of an organisms interaction with its environment. It is often used interchangably with the terms 'psychology' and 'social sciences'. The interaction between an organism and it's environment is also known as...

About Me

I have spent my career learning how to understand why people behave the way they do and how we can influence that behaviour. The analysis human behaviour subsequently allows for the manipulation of various conditions, which can then lead to a change in behaviour. Simply said, we are able to increase or decrease someone’s motivation to engage in a certain behaviour, and provide a consequence for a behaviour that will either increase or decrease the future likelihood of that behaviour occuring again in the future. 

Applied to children with autism, this can lead to the reduction of challenging behaviour and increase positive behaviours, which allow the child to communicate their needs and wants in a safer and more socially appropriate way. 

These same principles have a plethora of applications, however. A business that provides value to it’s customers are likely to see repeat business. An individual that is informed of the public cost of missed appointments are more likely to attend their health appointment. And an employee that benefits from being more productive and are giving the tools and skills to be more productive, will demonstrate unprecedented performance in their role, leading to higher profits for your company. 

 I work with companies and individuals just like you, to set and work towards realistic goals and create strategy plans to increase desirably behaviours and performance while decreasing unwanted behaviours. This may include increasing customer engagement and satisfaction, employee productivity and performance, as well as compliance with necessary safety and health procedures.

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